Tips for Building Pinewood Racers

1. If your Dad is interested and good with tools, get him to build the car, under your strict supervision.
2. If your Dad is a klutz and can’t do anything with his hands. Find some other interested adult to do the work
3. If you can’t get #1 or #2 going for you, do what you can to make the block of pine look something like a car. Sand it as smooth as you can get it. Don’t worry, the shape of the car doesn’t matter that much in the overall scheme of things. Although, a low profile is always good.
4. This is the most important part and the hardest part. It requires you to use an electric drill. You should really get an adult to help you with this one.You must remove the flashing from the wheels and burrs from inside the head of the axles. It has to be done very carefully so as not to ruin a wheel or axle. Or hurt yourself.
5. Polish the Axles. Polish the Axles. Polish the Axles. Use fine grit sandpaper then finish with jeweler’s rouge.
6. Place the car body, wheels and axles on a scale add weight until it reads 5 oz. Drill out the car body and stuff in the weight. Place the weight low and toward the rear of the car. Cover the area with wood filler. Sand it smooth.
7. Spray on sand-able primer. Let it dry overnight then lightly sand it with a fine grit sandpaper. Do that 3 or 4 times. Then spray on your favorite color. Use Krylon paint. Other brands of spray paint will run or orange peel and take forever to dry.
8. Place the wheels on the axles. Put some graphite on the axle and in the wheel bearing surface. Spin the wheel on the axle. Do that to each wheel and axle again, again, an again. When you get tired of doing that, do it one more time.
9. Now, push the wheel and axles into the slots. Don’t push ‘em to far, leave about a sixteenth of an inch (maybe a little more) between the wheel and car body. If the car rolls only on three wheels, so much the better.
10. Get a coat hanger and bend it into a “Cheater Bar” (See how the ones
on Pack Spirit and the Engine Car look ) Drill some holes in the car and mount the “Cheater Bar”. Don’t exceed the overall length rule. (You figure that out)

How does the “Cheater Bar” help?

The bar is about one inch above the bottom of the car and extends out about five eights of an inch in front of the car’s nose. As the starting pin moves forward and down, to release the cars, the “Cheater Bar” allows your car to start rolling before the other cars do. Okay ! You’ve built a winner. Go get your trophy!

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