Learn These 10 Words for Time to Jump-start Your Hebrew Lessons

Isn’t there a scout badge for foreign languages?  If not, there should be!

Learning a new language can be a fun way to get an in depth understanding of another culture. Hebrew is a language that has been around for a very long time. There is records of Hebrew from as early as the 10th century BCE. Although there was a decline in those who spoke Hebrew in about 200-400 CE, the use of the language came back and is now spoken by over 5 million world-wide. The Hebrew language holds a lot of history, as well as religious and cultural value for many people around the world. The rich history and beauty of this language can attract anyone to Learn Hebrew. By starting with some words that are related to each other, learning Hebrew can be easy and fun. These ten words concerning time can be the perfect way to begin anyone’s adventure in learning.

For some, it may be easier to learn the Hebrew alphabet before jumping into the different words and phrases commonly used. However, learning a few words and phrases can help give a person an idea of the language itself, as well as provide a starting point in understanding a new language. There are many different online resources that can provide a detailed tutorial that can suit almost anyone’s learning style. By becoming familiar with a few Hebrew vocabulary words, it can be easier to understand the beauty of the language, as well as pique an interest in learning the entire language. These words are all associated with time to help jump-start the learning process.


This word means “second” in English. This is the second in reference to time, such as there are 60 seconds in a minute. The word is written using the Hebrew alphabet, as well as the English alphabet to help students to identify the alphabet in Hebrew, as well as understand the pronunciation in English.

le’meshekh eser shni’yot

This is a phrase using the previous word for second in context. This phrase means “for ten seconds”.


This word means “hour” in English.

sha’a a’khat

This phrase means “one hour” in English. This helps students of the Hebrew language to identify the use of the words in a common phrase such as this.


This word means “minute” in English.

sha’losh da’kot

This phrase means “three minutes” in English.


This phrase means “o’clock” in English. Once the Hebrew numbers are learned, it can be easy to add this word to tell the time of the day.


This word means “today” in English


This word means “tomorrow” in English.


And finally, this word means “yesterday” in English.

Learning a new language can be an intimidating step for many people. However, learning these simple and common words and phrases can be very beneficial in inspiring an interest in the Hebrew language. This interest can launch a fun and exciting adventure into learning not only this unique language, but also the culture and history that surrounds it. It can also open a whole new world to those wishing to expand their horizons by speaking with those who commonly use this language in their daily life. A highly recommended site for learning hebrew is http://HebrewResources.com